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Encountering celestial bodies | 12" x 12" | acrylic on raw canvas | 2017


My next solo show is called Monuments + Mysteries and runs from September 9 - 30 at Yumart Gallery.


I usually resist writing too much about a body of work, so I'm careful not to influence or define the experience of my art. However, I've chosen a couple of meaty words, rich with connotation, as my show title and decided it was important to provide a little insight into what they mean to me. Why I chose them.


Monuments are reminders. They stand as markers of a moment in time and remind us of what mattered. They don’t need to be statues, or buildings, or plaques. They can be significant questions, or difficult choices, or a body of work that can’t help but reflect the preoccupations of now. My artistic approach may be to memorialize, but it is equally a surrender to all that is unknown. An evocation of the mysterious unfolding of things. The circle appears as the primary shape symbolizing both wholeness and the perpetual cycles of change; conjuring the space of dualities where most of real life happens.


I employ a minimalist approach to new paintings and works on paper with a focus on the constellation of abstracted form, colour, layer, and light. I continue to play with a lexicon of familiar shapes and geometric forms. The resulting pieces foreground the relationship between these components and decisions; the ways they are complete in their solitude, but magnificent when they become a gathering.