“Artists have no choice but to express their lives” ~ Anne Truitt



Practice is life, life is a spell.

My practice contains many things: painting, illustration, tarot, craft, screen printing, writing, design, and teaching. My creative mind perpetually longs for a new challenge and I think, more than anything, I am a student. In this way, practice has become my life. It is all contained in the flow of my days in different ways and to different degrees. I work every day to make life a spell with attention and intention. It's not always easy, but I feel blessed to be in this mysterious life and don't want to take any of it for granted, even the really difficult bits. I see my practice as an offering of healing, inspiration, guidance, and care. Community care is the way of the future that I want to be part of and this is my path and contribution.


I began my practice as a self-taught abstract painter. Fortunate to work among numerous talented artists, I learned the technical elements of painting, screen printing, and illustration in informal yet generous settings. Building from my hard-edge paintings, my more recent work takes a figurative approach that continues to rely on a keen use of colour and my signature minimalist aesthetic. I work digitally in Procreate, with sketches and photos as reference materials. Art-making is a profoundly grounding and restorative tool for me, and the symbolic forms that I engage act as gateways to explore shared human experience as an act of healing. I ask: how we are changed by giving visual form to our emotional experience? I'm currently working independently and navigating this new “wall-less” art environment with great curiosity.

My art is deeply influenced by my tarot practice (and vice versa) and I offer READINGS. I also do web and graphic design for clients. You can see a portfolio of select projects in the DESIGN section of my website. 




Put down your arms, gentle soul

May 4 - 25, 2019

Yumart Gallery

401 Richmond Street West

Monuments + Mysteries

September 9 - 30, 2017

Yumart Gallery

401 Richmond Street West

Two Februarys
April 9 – 30, 2016
Yumart Gallery
401 Richmond Street West


November 1 – 22, 2014
Yumart Gallery
101 Spadina Avenue


New Paintings
September 7 - 28, 2013
Yumart Gallery
101 Spadina Avenue




New Can, Who Dis? (Mural)

Part of Together Even When We're Apart

Installed on building hoarding throughout Toronto



401 Richmond Street West

February, 2018

Quiet Places to Cry


TO Design (Toronto Design Offsite Festival)

January 19 - 24, 2017

771 Dundas Street West



Spacing Store Window

Toronto Design Offsite Festival

January 5 - 30, 2017

401 Richmond Street West


Conjuring 2.0

In collaboration with Dwanye East
December 3, 2015
401 Richmond Street West (public space)


Scotiabank Nuit Blanche
In collaboration with Dwanye East
October 3, 2015
401 Richmond Street West, Studio 260



401 Richmond / Urbanspace Property Group
Career Launcher Prize
September 2014 – September 2016
Free studio space and residency


The Artist Project
UNTAPPED Emerging Artist Competition
February 19 – 22, 2015
Direct Energy Centre