My illustration practice draws inspiration from my natural surroundings. The work I do is interwoven with Tarot but also incorporates symbolism and imagery from the amazing things growing around me. I often use a reference photo (sometimes from an item I have gathered myself, as you can see below) to begin a drawing. My style is very flat and graphic, so often the challenge is to translate something like a flower, that contains lots of delicate detail, into a rendering that captures its minimalist essence. Then it can be fun to imagine it as something else entirely. I love to play with "scary" elements as a way of engaging with both external threats, such as climate change and a global pandemic, as well as those found internally in our minds. What worries us in the wee hours of sleepless nights? What thoughts interfere with us taking a risk to be seen? The imaginary creatures that appear in these works are visitors from a dark place, visions that lurk in the fragile beauty of the natural world. They remind us of our own fragility and resilience. 

In this way, the images also offer medicine for what ails you. The Tarot Collection in particular is an offering of invitations and guidance from this powerful visual tool for human transformation. These are the trials and tribulations of our journey through life. The challenges and the victories and the lessons in how to hold it all with care.

The images below show how my drawings move from a digital space (I use Procreate on an iPad) to a printed version. I am always impressed by the accuracy and richness of colour that results. 

Illustration of various plants and animals communicating between buildings using cans and strings.

New Can, Who Dis?

Digital illustration created for Together Even When We're Apart (2020). A city beautification collaboration during the COVID-19 pandemic between Grassroots Advertising, Partial Gallery, and Labour of Love Boutique. You can see the image installed on building hoarding throughout the city.

Prints of this image can be purchased through Labour of Love Boutique.