Awakening: A Game of Peekaboo

I started writing something about The Tower and nervous system regulation and had to step back because I was overwhelming myself. I will go back to the piece, but it requires sensitive handling as I know this is something that impacts all of our lives in one way or another and some in quite significant ways. I decided to draw a fresh card for us this week and the tarot offered Awakening, know in other decks as Judgement.

When I pulled this card, I immediately thought of a quote from M. Scott Peck who wrote The Road Less Traveled that I came upon reading Britt Frank’s The Science of Stuck: “Mental health is a commitment to reality at all costs:” Britt argues that anxiety is actually a tool that is trying to help us see, a bodily knowledge that seeks the truth of the matter for our own well-being. While I tried to steer away from The Tower, it seems I’m unable to by-pass this subject, which makes it feel like necessary medicine for us all this week.

I think what Awakening offers us here is a gentle invitation to look at something in ourselves that isn’t easy to gaze upon. It’s like a game of peekaboo where you just take a quick look and then cover your eyes again, check in with your body, and see if you can bear a little more. You can stop whenever you want. You can put the blindfold on and lie back down, but the truth is not going anywhere. Once we have awakened in this way, we can’t really go back. If nothing else, anxiety will attempt to disrupt avoidance. The challenge is how we integrate what we see with as much compassion and care as possible.

My relationship with tarot is a powerful tool for self-awareness and acceptance not only found in the medicine of the cards but in the relationship itself. It is a collaborative process of learning and unlearning, something that changes over time. In this season of my practice, I’m meeting certain cards in a new space and time and seeing parts of them that were hidden before.

Perhaps this is what we’re being called to do this week - look at things we think we know in ourselves from this new vantage point in space and time and listen to our bodies instead of our minds for feedback. The New Moon on Friday is there to help with all pursuits of clarity.

Images (1): Digital illustration: Four of Pentacles (prints can be purchased in my SHOP) (2): Holy Spectrum Tarot

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