Highway to the Queen of Wands Zone

I keep thinking things can’t get heavier than this and then something comes along to prove me wrong. What a test to our sanity the world has become and I won’t do it the injustice of trying to suggest a solution. But here’s what I know: if we lose touch with moments of play entirely, it will be harder. Even when we feel like finding levity is wrong and we should just keep doom scrolling and hope for the best, we need those moments of fun to remind us what we’re holding on and out for.

A friend’s six year old son is currently obsessed with the song Highway to the Danger Zone, made famous by its inclusion on the Top Gun soundtrack. This movie was pretty formative for me and it’s bizarre to have this song be so rooted in nostalgia and also so present in his spirited love for it over thirty years later. The other day, I introduced him to the idea that part of what’s so great about the song is that you can swap “danger” for all sorts of different words and make a whole new song. For instance, Highway to the Cuddle Zone or Highway to the Cookie Zone. The list goes on, there are so many zones to choose from.

The Queen of Wands showed up to support this invitation to play by offering magic principles to guide us along the way. Inspired by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener’s newsletter about The Artists’ Way for Witches here’s what this could look like.

1. Imagine where you want to be: what zone would you like to take a trip to? The highway can go anywhere.

2. Rather than taking up residence as a news sponge, participate in a protest, make a donation, reach out to a friend who may be more directly impacted and offer an ear. This is what actual action looks like, reading all the things about what’s happening is not changing anything except your nervous system (and not for the better).

3. Gather all the ingredients you need to enjoy your zone and proceed. The cuddle zone could include: a pet, a teddy bear, or a cuddly human; a good blanket and soft pillows; and maybe even a fort to soothe the senses. Don’t forget snacks.

The Queen of Wands reminds us how important is it to both stir your cauldron AND dance in the woods. There needs to be balance and neither state is passive.

My invitation this week is to decide what zone you want to be in and play there, even if only for a few minutes, even if only to picture what the licorice or fun fur zone would look like at the side of the highway.

If you feel like sharing what zone you came up with, I will edit the above illustration and send it to you!

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