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25 Minute Reading: $25

*3 card spread for grounding and focus. A great way to see how I read and if it's the right fit for you.

50 Minute Reading: $60

*6-8 card spread focused on an area in your life where there are questions, or for an general overview that can be lunar or seasonal (new moon, full moon, solstice, etc.)

1.5 Hour Reading: $100

*3 card spread for overall outlook and 6-8 card spread similar to the one above. There is often also time in this reading to ask for additional information or clarity for multiple cards. 

Pay What You Can (PWYC): if you would like a reading but are unable to afford these rates, please indicate your financial capacity with the information you submit below. No questions asked.


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Bookings are charged using PayPal. If you don't have an account you can Contact Me to arrange an e-transfer. 

After all readings, I will email you images of the card spreads so you have a record of what was drawn.


I've had many tarot teachers along the way and offer special acknowledgment and credit to Liz Worth, Carrie MallonBakara Wintner, Crow Mother, Hannah Joy Graves, Jessica Dore, and Lindsay Mack. 


I am also indebted to the work of Tara Brach,  Brene Brown, Marlee Grace, Chani Nicholas, Margeaux Feldman, and Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

I acknowledge and am aware of the limited representation in my credits and it is something I am working to rectify.

We all want to inhabit the truth of who we truly are and in order to do that we need to know ourselves.


Tarot offers invitations and medicine that are always with our highest and best in mind. It is a powerful tool for self-discovery, which I believe is the clearest path to living as our authentic selves.


It's easy to become disconnected from the intuitive part of ourselves that contains all the information we need for purposeful momentum.


It can help to have a guide to connect you with your imagination, intuition, needs, and desires. We can be collaborators with a shared purpose: uncovering the path and making sure we have what we need for the journey. 

Truly seeing ourselves is a bold and transformative act that brings clarity and meaning to our lives.


Have you noticed patterns in your life that you can’t seem to change despite a desire for a different outcome?

The cards can help us uncover what might be keeping you stuck in this loop and provide insight into how to remove obstacles to help you realize your desires. 

Are you having trouble connecting with what lights you up? 

Tarot is a great tool for seeking out hidden sparks, and encouraging self expression. The cards want you to share your gifts. They were one of the key tools I used to connect with my purpose!

Are you excited about a life change or new project and want to explore possible challenges and outcomes?

Those are two of my most common questions for the tarot and what I’ve found there is always fruitful. While I don’t think the future is fixed, curiosity about outcomes can tell us a lot about how to move forward.

Are some decisions just too complicated to make alone? 

We can work with the cards to explore options, strategies, and avenues of support. Even the most complex situations can gain clarity from a good conversation over the right spread. 

Does the unpredictability of life leave you feeling lost? 

Tarot is a stable guide that offers ways of mapping next steps, like an anchor that keeps you connected to what really matters. AND it can help you identify what really matters, if you’re not there yet.


I am committed to practicing tarot as an inclusive system that needs to offer representation for all and take an anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-ablest approach to interpretations. I work in my own practice to also acknowledge systems of oppression as collectively shaping our experience of the world.   

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