The Fool is the human at the centre of an on-going journey through the tarot cards, which reflect life in it’s many facets. The Fool is you and me, and the cards can be our anchor on the seas of change. Using tarot as a tool for grounding and exploration has the potential for deep personal transformation. Do you have an obstacle that feels unmovable? Do you long for change but don’t know what it will look like? Are you struggling to get perspective on an intimate relationship? Do you feel disconnected from a purpose? Tarot is an archetypal visual system that offers meaning and medicine both for day-to-day concerns and in larger life transitions. The insight and perspectives offered can help us tap into our intuition and knowing to support growth. It is a powerful mirror but sometimes we need a guide to help us understand what is being reflected (that’s why I get my cards read too!).

I've been reading and researching tarot for about three years. My style of reading is not psychic or predictive. I don’t think the future is fixed, so cannot tell you what will happen there. What I can offer are invitations to help you connect to purpose and meaning, which can guide you to a future that is aligned with who you already are and want to become. I shy away from yes and no questions and lean toward inquiry around support, obstacles, clarity, and guidance. 

Reading cards is an act of co-creation - we are exploring the cards together. We're both teachers and students. I don’t have any special “knowing” (you already have everything you need) but I can offer guidance to help you access your own tools. Tarot is a powerful path to gaining clarity in complex human situations and guiding us toward the overlooked, or what might be hiding from view. It's always working to help us (in our highest and best interest) but doesn’t promise to not be challenging at times.

This is soul work. 

My approach to reading is informed by my own journey recovering from complex trauma and the tools I found along the way, such as: therapy, peer support, personal research, and of course, tarot. As an artist, I can offer insights specifically related to the creative process. I am committed to dismantling any oppressive or exclusionary concepts within tarot relating to race, gender, class, heteronormativity, and ableism. I've had many tarot teachers along the way and offer special acknowledgment and credit to Liz Worth, Carrie MallonBakara Wintner, Crow Mother, Hannah Joy Graves, and Lindsay Mack

I am also indebted to the work of Tara Brach,  Brene Brown, Marlee Grace, Chani Nicholas, Margeaux Feldman, and Sarah Faith Gottesdiener



25 Minute Reading: $25

*3 card spread for grounding and focus. A great way to see how I read and if it's the right fit for you.

50 Minute Reading: $60

*6-8 card spread focused on an area in your life where there are questions, or for an general overview that can be lunar or seasonal (new moon, full moon, solstice, etc.)

1.5 Hour Reading: $100

*3 card spread for overall outlook and 6-8 card spread similar to the one above. There is often also time in this reading to ask for additional information or clarity for multiple cards. 

Pay What You Can (PWYC): if you would like a reading but are unable to afford these rates, please indicate that with the information you submit below. No questions asked


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Bookings are charged using PayPal. If you don't have an account you can Contact Me to arrange an e-transfer. After all readings, I will email you images of the card spreads so you have a record of what was drawn.


These days, I've been reading exclusively with the Holy Spectrum deck. If you have a strong aversion to this deck for some reason, just mention this in your intake questionnaire and I can offer an alternative. 

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