The anchor is an important symbol for tarot representing the cards as a tool for grounding and presence in ways that have the potential to be deeply transformative. I have built a relationship with this visual system of human experience that offers meaning and medicine both day-to-day, and in larger life transitions, contractions, expansions, and celebrations. I’m hoping it can offer the same to you.

I have been reading and researching tarot for about three years. My style of reading is not psychic or predictive. I don’t think the future is fixed, so cannot tell you what will happen there. What I can offer are insights and invitations to help you find purpose and meaning, which can guide you to a future that is aligned with who you are and want to become. I shy away from yes and no questions and lean toward inquiry about support, obstacles, clarity, and energy. 

Reading cards is an act of co-creation - I believe we are exploring the cards together. We are both guides and students. I don’t have any special “knowing” (you already have everything you need) but I can offer guidance, intuition, and perspective to help you access your own tools. Tarot is also a powerful path to gaining clarity in complex human situations and guiding us toward the overlooked or what might be hiding from view. It is always working to help us but doesn’t promise to not be challenging at times. This is soul work. 

My own healing journey, that has included therapy, peer support, and personal research, greatly informs how I approach reading. I am indebted to the work of Tara Brach and Brene Brown.

I have had many tarot teachers along the way and offer special acknowledgment and credit to Liz Worth, Bakara Wintner, and Lindsay Mack.

At the moment, I work exclusively with the Golden Universal Tarot. 

I will be posting a form here soon so that we can start working together.